In the orient a Doctor only was paid when the patient was well.  Imagine the complexity of this puzzle!  It is my intent to make you better.  The more you are commited to your health, the more you come.  You may have read about the three stages of health care.  When you have been through it all, you finally come to realize that if you are going to be healthy, it takes a faithful effort on a daily basis.  This does not mean you need to come daily to the office, but certainly is the standard to any belief system.  I may ask you to stay close to me when we start into care.  When you have an acute problem, you will be glad to be here daily for a week or two.  I will make recomendations for continued care based on you progress.  No two patients respond the same exactly even when it is the same condition.  At some point you are feeling better, perhaps much better than you have felt in a long time.  Rehabilitative care is this period when we try not to go backwards.  Do not let your body gradually sink back into its old shape.  This is when you want to ask for more services than what you have gotten thus far.  Allergy testing, a full clinical nutrition exam, low level laser work, detoxification protocols, purification programs; are just some of the offerings in our practice.  In every case if you are not feeling well, do not believe everything is OK no matter who said so.  On the same line, do not discontinue care because you got bad news.  We have made amazing strides helping the worse case scenario become a manageable one.  Patients with tumors, excisions, heart conditions, diabetes, blood disorders and more have had beneficial relationships as the case is co-managed.  By all means ruling out is better than waiting until the condition is unmanageable.  While it would be wonderful to receive well pay from the village like the oriental physician, we hope to make ours a service worth your healthy body.


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